Bearden Hill Veterinary Clinic

My year old Doberman developed some stomach issues over the weekend and the staff at Bearden Hill was absolutely amazing! They got me in first thing this morning when I called and were very professional, friendly, and handled my puppy with the upmost care. They also were very fair with pricing for the visit and medication, we will definitely be using them again in the future! 10/10 🙂

Cassie W.Google

Always in good hands when I take my dog there.

Ingeborg M.Google

Took my dog for allergy shot and as always excellent service from Dr. Brott and staff. There is no better place for your pets. Bearden Hill is the best in Knoxville.

Shannon W.Google

Outstanding and compassionate staff. The vets are top notch and take time to explain everything to you. Very personable. They follow up on your pet a few days later. Most importantly, when you have to make that very difficult and heartbreaking final decision for your pet, their empathy and kindness is the best that I have experienced anywhere.

Patrice W.Google

How could it not be anything but 5 stars for the doctors and staff at both the Bearden HIll Veterinary Clinic and the west location too? They are the very best, both in their depth of medical knowledge and true compassion they have for all of the fortunate "fur babies" that are under their care. And always, always you are greeted by the front desk staff with a welcoming smile! If there was room for more stars, would be hitting them all. Grateful for you all!

Elizabeth H.Google

They did very well with my cat soon as I save up some more. I will be back with my dog and my cat as well.

Michael T.Google
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West Bearden Veterinary Hospital

This clinic is tucked out of sight. Find it and try it. There are some very nice people here. If you have older pets as I do, they won't put you on a guilt trip if you do not want to spend thousands of dollars seeing a specialist to extend a very long life a bit longer. They help me to make my geriatric dogs live as comfortably as possible without stressing them out with tests. I wish people had it so good at the end of their lives.

Merilyn G.Google

The vets are great and I really like that they gave me take home instructions for my dog. This made things so much easier!

Nancy P.Google

We are still pretty new to West Bearden Veterinary Hospital. But we really appreciate their service to our two cats so far. Their pandemic measures are pretty good. They come out and get the pets from the car and when they are ready they call you back and you can come pick them up.

Christopher E.Google

Because of Covid I never got to get into the hospital myself but we dropped our puppy off there for a vet visit and picked him up later in the day. The staff were friendly and we only had a phone conversation with the vet but he was nice and caring. They also called a few weeks later to follow up. Price wise I think it is similar to Petwellclinic

Reza A.Google

After moving to Knoxville we searched for the right vet and it didn’t happen on the first try but it was worth the effort! We found Dr. Jones at West Bearden Vet and couldn’t be happier. Both dogs were comfortable and smiled while there for their exams, I had a chance to ask questions and discuss their health, diet, meds and routine. Best of all, when we went back two days later for nail trims, I was astonished to learn that my boy didn’t have to be sedated! That’s a first - he hates having his feet touched and makes a pedicure a general nightmare. They marched out happy as clams to be picked up and I could tell they were relaxed and completely at ease about the experience. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the staff is wonderful and so helpful! This group won my two dogs over and I’m so happy with my decision to keep looking for just the right fit for us!

Crystal G.Facebook
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